EPiServer 7.5 - How to enable multiple languages

The AlloyTech website comes with a single language enabled. In this article, we will see how to enable additional languages.

Open web.config and make sure that uiShowGlobalizationUserInterface is set to true.

Go to Admin mode, click on Manage Website Languages, and select the language you want to enable. In this article, we will enable Norwegian.

Check the Enabled checkbox and click Save

Go to edit mode, click on Toggle navigation pane button to see the page tree

Click on the Sites tab and select Norwegian

If you now select the Start page from the page tree, you'll notice that Translate button is disabled

To enable the Translate button, select the Root page

Click on Tools / Language Settings

Click on the button to change the available languages

Check both English and Norwegian and save the changes

In the navigation pane, click on the Sites tab and select English

Click on the Start page

Click on Tools / Languages Settings

Check the Inherit settings from the parent page: "Root" option, and save changes

Go back to Navigation page, click on the Sites tab and select Norwegian

The translate button is now enabled

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