Dejan Caric

Dejan Caric

Solutions Architect / Episerver MVP


My name is Dejan Caric. I live in Oslo, Norway. I've been working in the IT industry since 2007. During that time, I worked on many exciting and challenging projects: applications for banking and financial services industry, enterprise content management solutions based on Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, enterprise search solutions based on Elasticsearch and Apache Solr, etc.

My main interests are enterprise search, software architecture, Clean Code, and agile software development.

Latest Blog Posts

20 Aug

Property Name Overlay in On-Page Editing mode

In On-Page Editing mode, Episerver will create a blue border around all editable properties. This feature is very useful. However, if you have a lot of properties on the page, it may be challenging to locate the correct property, and editors may be using All Properties mode more often than On-Page Editing. read more

02 Jan

Creating EPiServer Page Types using ReSharper File Templates

When creating new page types, developers mostly use the EPiServer CMS Visual Studio Extension or copy and paste the code from existing files. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to create EPiServer page types using ReSharper file templates. Once you learn all the shortcuts, it becomes much faster to generate code using ReSharper, rather than copy and pasting. read more

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