Dejan Caric

Dejan Caric

Software developer / Episerver MVP


My name is Dejan Caric. I live in Oslo, Norway. I've been working in the IT industry since 2007. During that time, I worked on many exciting and challenging projects: applications for banking and financial services industry, enterprise content management solutions based on Episerver Digital Experience Cloud, enterprise search solutions based on Elasticsearch and Apache Solr, etc.

My main interests are enterprise search, software architecture, Clean Code, and agile software development.

Latest Blog Posts

12 Dec

Retrieving Available Content Types in EPiServer

After a few development iterations it can be difficult to keep an overview of all content types and their properties. We can always look in Visual Studio or click through different menus in edit and admin mode, but that’s just too time-consuming. It would be nice to have all that information in one place, in a user-friendly format, and be able to filter and export the data to a PDF file. read more

12 Sep

Logging to Console using Log4Net

Logging can be very useful when debugging C# code. ColoredConsoleAppender logs all messages to the console and highlights error, info, and debug messages with different colors, which makes the debugging experience a bit more pleasant. read more